Orbea is one of the most important bicycle manufacturers in Europe, based in Mallabia, Spain. With a hundred years of tradition in bicycle frame building, they bring important and crucial know-how to create the perfect mountain bike, road bike or e-bike.

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Orbea – Basque bike culture at RABE Bike

As the 2022 season gets underway, we are pleased to present our new arrival Orbea:

The Spanish or Basque bicycle factory was founded as early as 1840. After the events of the early 20th century, the core business of weapons manufacturing was no longer needed, so the company gradually concentrated on bicycle manufacturing from 1920 onwards.

Orbea has been passionate about bicycle manufacturing for just over 100 years now. This is mainly reflected in their production processes. They use the latest techniques in carbon fibre manufacturing and computer aided design to develop their bikes. Orbea’s bike frames are developed at their Spanish headquarters, made into prototypes and then extensively tested. Unlike many other manufacturers, the painting and final assembly of the carbon models does not take place in Asia, but on site in Mallabia. The high-quality aluminium frames are produced entirely in Spain. This makes Orbea more independent and environmentally friendly. Because quality plays a central role at Orbea, Orbea offers a lifetime warranty on their frames.

We RABE Bike carry in the 2022 season a selection of Mountainbikes, Road bikes and Gravel bikes, as well as Trekking– und E-Bikes von Orbea.

You can find some impressions of Orbea’s Basque cycling enthusiasm visualised here in these videos.

2022 Season Trailer

Orbea´s history