About us

About us

More than 30 years of experience and premium service for on-site repairs, free adjustment and calibration of settings. Very personal, very individual to bring you the best customer experience.

Premium service for on-site repairs, free adjustment and calibration of settings. Very personal, very individual. Our services and tips before and after your bike purchase at a glance.

„We are looking for a mountainbike and heard that you give good advice“

We often hear such comments from new customers. This makes us very happy of course, since it means we did our job well and were recommended by satisfied customers.

When you buy an e-bike, road bike or mountain bike, you will soon get a feeling of whether the salesperson is authentic, if they have already done an Alpine crossing themselves or whether as a road cyclist they know their way around a specific pass in the Alps.

Real experiences and adventures, coupled with the joy of working with people as well as technical expertise – this is what the RABE Bike staff are made of. You don’t need to feel defensive with us, as some potential customers sometimes do, saying „I’m not a pro!“

Don’t worry, we will not be intrusive, that’s not our style. Also, we certainly do not cater to professionals: Real professionals are paid and sponsored by the industry. All our customers are bikers and road cyclists like you and us: Cycling is our passion and we know our area profoundly, but summer trips to the lake or beergarden are certainly part of it, too.


Empathetic advice is more than just a concept: your first alpine crossing with a €999 bike will be just as impressive as the same trip with a high end carbon bike 5 years later.

Demands on material, service and advice grow with your demands on new, bigger adventures. We accompany you on your long journey. We repair your broken chain, centre your rear wheel, correct your knee position, we know the most beautiful way through the Alps, with secluded river paths, swimming lakes and wild single trails.

We often don’t turn off the lights until 10 o’clock at night. Maybe we were working on your bike, because you want to go to Lake Garda tomorrow.

We have been doing this for more than 30 years.


Each bike is checked twice according to our check-list, tested and meticulously adjusted. Nevertheless, please take a short test ride before your first big tour. Better be safe than sorry. 


Our products are supposed to be fun. Still, if something is not yet ideal, we need your feedback: For us, every complaint is paramount. We have been able to solve every issue so far. But for that we need your input. Perfect quality management can only succeed with your help. Please send us a message via our contact form.


We will carefully set up your new bike. If something should not fit properly after the first ride, we will adjust it for free. Sometimes different handles or a set of brake levers can do wonders.

Your RABE Team

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