Our most frequently asked questions and their answers are summarized here for you.

Are pedals included with my bike?

Bikes are usually delivered without pedals by the manufacturer. If you do not order any, we will add a simple pair of trekking pedals free of charge. For frequent riders we recommend the purchase of a high quality pair with the bike: Pedals

Can I send the bike back if I don’t like it or if it does not fit?

Of course you should be 100% satisfied with your new bike. If the size does not fit, please contact our customer service or send us an email to shop@rabe-bike.de. We will have the bike picked up by you free of charge within the 30-day cancellation period. Please make sure that the bike is in a visually perfect condition, i.e. please only do a short trial round on a dry road. Please keep all packaging material for the 2 years of the legal warranty.

Assembly: How is the bike being delivered? What is still to be done?

The assembly of a bike shipped by us can normally be done by anyone within about 10-30 minutes. You don’t have to be a mechanic! Here you can find our assembly videos: Bike assembly

To which countries do you ship?

You can find a list of our current shipping destinations here: Shipping

What are the shipping costs to my country?

You can find an overview of our shipping costs here: Shipping

How long does the shipping take to my country?

You can find our current delivery times here: Shipping

What happens if a warranty claim occurs?

You have the legal warranty period of 2 years on your bike. Please note that there is no warranty claim on wearing parts.

The following parts count as wearing parts:

  • Tyres
  • Rims in combination with rim brake
  • brake pads
  • Chains and toothed belts
  • Sprockets, pinions, inner bearings and rear derailleur rollers
  • Plain bearings / Bearings
  • Light source of the lighting system
  • Handlebar tape / Handle covers
  • Hydraulic oils and lubricants
  • Shift and brake cables
  • conductors
  • rechargeable batteries

If you have any problems, please contact us first so we can discuss the next steps. Every local dealer can carry out a warranty claim, but is not obliged to do so (unlike in the case of cars). Please note that we cannot refund any costs without prior agreement. If you have problems with BOSCH components, please contact your nearest Bosch eBike EXPERT dealer.

If no processing on site is possible, we pick up the bike free of charge during the warranty period by UPS and fix the problem in our workshop. Please keep all packaging material in case of such a problem!

Where can I find the frame number of my bike?

This is usually located on the underside of the frame in the area of the bottom bracket. This may be stamped in, or a sticker may have been applied by the manufacturer at the factory. Often, especially on e-bikes, this sticker is also located on the underside of the top tube (the connection between the saddle and the handlebars). Please note: In some cases, the frame number of e-bikes is attached in the area of the motor block and cannot be seen from the outside. To do this, the motor must be removed. You will usually find the frame number on your invoice.

A cable comes „loose“ from my new CUBE Bike. What is it?

The cable is for the so called „Cube Dropper Post Option“: If you want to install a dropper seat post, you can save about 80 to 100€ working time in the workshop by using this cable which is already installed ex works. Without support the cable has no function and can be removed if necessary.

Do you have any more questions?

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