KTM Macina Style

The KTM Style is a comfortable trekking e-bike with a wide range of use. The powerful Bosch Performance CX engine and battery form a harmonious unit with the frame. We offer this comfortable city and touring e-bike in two different versions. You also have the choice between three frame shapes: Diamond, trapezoid and depth riser. At RABE you get the KTM Style at the best price and comfortably delivered to your home.

KTM - high-quality e-bikes with state-of-the-art technology

The Austrian manufacturer KTM is an established and above all consistent player on the international bicycle market. KTM looks back on a long tradition: The first bicycles were built in 1964. Today KTM is particularly innovative in the development of e-bikes. Equipped with the latest Bosch drive components, the high-quality city and trekking e-bikes are state-of-the-art in terms of design and technology.

Inexpensive all-rounder from city to tour

The e-bikes of the KTM Style series are completely focused on comfort. This can be seen in harmonious detail solutions such as the suspension seat post. The seating position tends to be upright, but can be trimmed towards a sporty riding position with the help of the adjustable stem. The Suntour air suspension fork with 63 millimetres of travel ensures a smooth front end. You will particularly appreciate this on forest and woodland trails. As an all-rounder, the KTM Macina Style with StVZO-compliant equipment is fit for road traffic. With sturdy mudguards and lights, you're ready for any weather and any time of day. The massive luggage rack not only transports your briefcase to the office, but is also strong enough for the weekend tour.

KTM Macina Style 2020 - Differences in the equipment

The components installed on the various Macina Style models meet KTM's claim to offer high-quality e-bikes. You will find harmonious equipment in which the individual components harmonise perfectly and are not mixed from extremely different quality levels. Maximum functionality is guaranteed for every model and price class. The most important parts such as the drive and disc brakes come from the market leader Shimano.

  • Shimano Deore 11-speed
  • Shimano MT420 brakes
  • Bosch Performance CX Motor
  • Bosch PowerTube (625Wh)
  • 24,9 kg
  • RRP: 3.699,00€*
  • Shimano Deore 11-speed
  • Shimano MT420 brakes
  • Bosch Performance CX Motor
  • Bosch PowerTube (625Wh)
  • 25,2 kg
  • RRP: 3.599,00€*
  • Shimano XT 10-speed
  • Shimano MT420 brakes
  • Bosch Performance CX Motor
  • Bosch PowerTube (625Wh)
  • 25,4 kg
  • RRP: 3.299,00€*
  • Shimano XT 11-speed
  • Shimano MT420 brakes
  • Bosch Performance CX Motor
  • Bosch PowerTube (625Wh)
  • 25,9 kg
  • RRP: 3.499,00€*

Latest drive technology from Bosch

The KTM Macina Style is equipped with the latest generation of the Bosch Performance CX engine. This up to 75 Nm strong drive can be found up to much more expensive high-performance bikes. KTM is also one step further when it comes to integration. The frame, battery and engine appear to be from one piece. With a capacity of 625 watt hours, even day trips are possible without recharging.

Robust aluminium frame

The manufacturer KTM sets high quality standards. For example, the aluminium frames are tested for fatigue strength on the company's own test bench before they are ready for series production. Experience speaks for itself: KTM has been developing frames and bicycles in Salzburgerland for over 50 years. You can see from the Macina Style models that the frame and drive train form a harmonious unit. Whether man or woman - among the three different frame shapes, every type of rider will find his or her Macina Style dream model.

Comfort is the key!

A glance at the details shows that the comfort concept was thought through to the end in Macina Style: A suspension seat post may not yet be something special. But in Macina Style a high-quality Suntour suspension seatpost with parallelogram works. The special technology not only guarantees smooth operation, but the spring stiffness can also be easily adjusted to the rider's weight. This also applies to the cockpit with the angle-adjustable stem. From comfortable to sporty, everything is possible. In addition, the trekking handlebars offer numerous grip positions on the outer sides. The experience of the manufacturer KTM shows in other useful details: The sturdy Hebie rear stand is strong enough to hold the bike with luggage in position. Clever: A steering angle limiter integrated in the head tube prevents the e-bike from falling over.

Three different frame forms

In addition to different frame sizes (to fit the body size), the KTM Macina Style is available in three different frame constructions. For men, the classic diamond shape has proven itself for years. Sporty women choose the frame in trapezoid shape with half lowered top tube. And for maximum safety when ascending and descending, there is the Macina Style with a deep entry frame.

Which frame size for my KTM Macina Style?

You can easily find your ideal frame size for KTM Macina Style using our frame size calculator. You can find it on the article detail pages of the different Macina Style models.

Special KTM technologies guarantee best e-bike performance

Internal Cable Routing - beautiful look, best function

Dirt is the enemy of all functions on the e-bike, especially on the gear cables. The result: imprecise and difficult gear changes. To prevent this, all cables and lines run inside the frame. Last but not least, the e-bike looks nicer with cables routed inside.

Tapered Steerer - Tapered steerer for maximum stiffness

Riding stability is especially important on an e-bike because of the higher weight. The stiffness of the frame depends largely on the construction of the front section. That is why KTM uses a conically shaped head tube here, which tapers from bottom to top. This saves weight and is still very stiff.

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