CUBE Supreme Hybrid

CUBE Supreme Hybrid

The name says it all: the CUBE Supreme Hybrid model range focuses on urban use. Or a little more broadly defined: On the urban areas in and around the city. Especially there, the e-bike is well on its way to replacing the car in local transport. And that’s a good thing when you hear the daily traffic jam reports on the radio! With the CUBE Supreme Hybrid you can run errands, transport shopping and ride to work every day. The Bosch Performance Gen. 3 is fully tuned for this range of use. It all depends on the model and your requirements. At RABE, you can get the CUBE Supreme Hybrid at the best price and delivered to your home.

Simple, elegant, safe, practical – this is probably the best way to describe the new Supreme Hybrid frame. Thanks to the Powertube design, the Bosch motor blends harmoniously into the frame, ensuring a sleek look and easy handling. In addition, this low-mounted bike lives up to its name – comfortable and fast mounting and cycling are a matter of course. For the sake of first-class steering precision, simple, intuitive handling and robustness, we have opted for a butted head tube. We have also fitted a semi-integrated luggage rack. In addition, the chassis was specially designed for use with a low-maintenance hub gear. Practical and functional is good, but not everything. For an authentic, elegant look, we used our Smooth Welding process.

Bosch Drive Unit Performance Gen. 3 – Quality from the market leader

All CUBE Supreme Hybrid models are equipped with the Bosch Drive Unti Performance Gen. 3. The compact unit provides the thrust at the right moment. With its torque of 65 Nm, the Gen 3. motor engages very harmoniously with the drive. This natural riding behaviour is particularly beneficial for beginners, as the thrust can be very finely dosed via the cranks. The four assistance modes are controlled by different displays depending on the equipment and switched in seconds via a thumb button. This also works while riding! The range extends from Eco (little support) to Turbo (maximum support). The 625Wh battery enables ranges of up to 100km.

The battery is integrated into the down tube of the CUBE Supreme Hybrid models. It can be removed at the touch of a button. This position has made it possible to significantly increase the step-through compared to older models. Older people appreciate this! In addition, this design results in a long wheelbase, which ensures the best possible smoothness. This also benefits the driving stability.

By the way, in the RABE online shop you will only find CUBE Supreme Hybrid models with a powerful 625 watt-hour battery. For one simple reason: we believe that an e-bike should have the longest possible range. And who wants to be constantly looking for a power socket when you’re out and about?